Token Migration

This page guides BZRX holders to convert BZRX to OOKI. See migration instructions below:

When To Migrate?

Token migration will start on December 18, 2021.

How to Migrate?

To being Migrating your Token Click the Migrate Button on the Ooki App Dashboard Page:
Then Click Select the Chain and the Token that you wish to migrate and from there Click the Migrate Button and Approve the transaction in MetaMask.


BZRX Token is migrating to OOKI token. Below is relevant information to help you to achieve a smooth migration.
  • Users can only migrate BZRX to OOKI when tokens are on the Ethereum network.
  • No deadline to convert your tokens from BZRX to OOKI.
  • BZRX to OOKI conversion rate is 1 BZRX = 10 OOKI.
  • The UI to migrate can be found on the Ooki Platform.


  • Holders of PGOV/BGOV must convert to BZRX first on polygon/bsc.
  • After converting, then bridge the BZRX to Ethereum and Convert to OOKI using the converter linked above.
  • Users can perform the migration of PGOV/BGOV following the instructions in this link: https://bzx.network/blog/gov-token-migration​


  • vBZRX: For staked vBZRX, the part of BZRX that has vested is auto migrated to OOKI when user claims rewards. For vBZRX in your wallet, you must claim the vested BZRX (in the staking rewards section) and manually migrate from BZRX to OOKI.