Managing/Closing Trade

Managing your Trading Position with Ooki.

OOKI enables easy management of open long or short margin positions through the open positions tab. Below we will explain how you can easily adjust your open margin position.

Managing a position

To begin managing your position a user must first connect their web3 wallet:
Then a user will be able to view all open positions:
The user can view open positions in two places: The open position for a given trading pair at the bottom of the "Chart" Tab, or view all open positions across all different trading pairs under the "Positions" Tab. The open position box displays the users relevant position information, including:
  • Trading Pair
  • Open Price
  • Collateral Value
  • Position Size
  • Profit
  • Liquidation Price
  • Market Price
To Close the Position the user must click Close Position and a Modal popup window appear:
Here the user can select how much of the position they wish to close and then click Close Position.