On Ooki, users can borrow funds against deposited collateral. The first step to start borrowing on Ooki is to visit the borrow page, and then select which asset you would like to borrow.
Once you've selected which assets to borrow, then click the borrow button and deposit collateral and choose the amount you would like to borrow.


Borrowers repay loans by visiting the "Your Loans" Tab. and click on the repay button for the asset you borrowed and want to repay. Select the amount to pay back and confirm the transaction.

How Borrowing Rates are Determined

Borrowing rates are dynamic and adjust in real time based on the current demand and supply for any given asset. Learn more about interest rates:


What are the fees involved when opening a loan on OOKI?

When opening a loan there is a 0.09% origination fee on the principle. Interest is also paid for the life of the loan. Learn more about Ooki Fees: