Introduction to Voting in Ooki DAO

Proposals and Voting

OOKI Token Holders have the opportunity to vote and participate in governance in multiple ways.
  • Create Forum Proposals Ooki Improvement Proposals (OOIP)
  • Participate in Forum Discussion about Existing Proposals
  • Vote on Snapshot Proposals
  • Vote for On-Chain Votes through Etherscan.

Where can I vote?

For the first step, you will vote on the official Snapshot page.
Voting power is given by staking your OOKI tokens. For the on chain voting, you can use Etherscan.
Following the Snapshot vote, the proposals proceed to on chain voting. Users can vote for proposals that are in the on chain vote stage by visiting the Tally UI: https://www.tally.xyz/governance/eip155:1:0x3133b4F4dcffc083724435784fEFAD510FA659c6

How to vote on chain through Etherscan?

First, you need to go to the governance contract page on Etherscan, on the "Write as Proxy" tab. Here is a direct link. Then connect your wallet.
On this page, locate the "castVote" function (14). You will have to fill proposalId and support.
  • For proposalId: At the moment, ask the team for the right proposalId.
  • For support, you either put 1 or 0. "1" means you are in favor, 0 means you are against the proposal.

What is an OOIP?

Ooki Improvement Proposals (OOIPs), are the main form of governance. They are written proposals made by a team or community member who desires changes made to the protocol or products. They are posted on the forum and their main objective is to engage discussion with the community and look for its approval.

Can I vote on a snapshot using deposited/staked OOKI?

Once a proposal has passed Snapshot vote it then proceeds to onchain voting. Once a proposal has passed onchain voting then the team will consider and implement it.

Who can participate in the OOKI DAO Voting?

Token Holders with DAO voting rights is not limited to OOKI token holders. Ability to vote and participate in Ooki DAO governance is extended to holders of: OOKI, iOOKI and vBZRX. All of these tokens can be staked on the staking dashboard and will factor in to a user’s voting power.