Users who have staked OOKI, SLP, etc. can easily delegate their voting power to another address.

Benefits of delegating:

  • If you otherwise weren't planning to vote, your vote will be used to vote on Ooki DAO Proposals by the person you’ve delegated to.
  • If you don’t have time to remain active, or participate in governance, you can choose an active community member to vote for you.
  • If you have a small amount of tokens, delegating voting power is a less expensive way of participating in governance because when you Delegate your vote, you don't need to pay gas fees each time you vote for a proposal.

Who to delegate to?

Voting power can be delegated to any Ethereum address. We submitted a request for community feedback about who they would like to see included in a list of recommended delegates. We compiled a list of a few recommended active Ooki community members based on this feedback. This list is meant to serve as a starting point for people who want to delegate voting power but are not sure who to delegate it to. Delegated voting power can be revoked at any time. There is no requirement to delegate voting power to anyone from the list below.

Ooki Team Wallet

You can delegate voting power to the Ooki core team:

Ooki Core Team

Address: 0x02c6819c2cb8519aB72fD1204A8A0992b5050C6e

Active Community Members

Here are community members who have been actively participating in the evolution of the protocol who you can delegate your voting power to. We will provide more details about each one of them soon.


Address: 0x3fda2d22e7853f548c3a74df3663a9427ffbb362


Address: 0x9030b78a312147dba34359d1a8819336fd054230


Address: 0xDC24DbB72A27873eDf011787b00e43Cbc64Db624


Address: 0x101ffd37d33b3df6e4c3824362b7486a56d2e45e

How to Delegate

Under the Delegate section, enter the address of the user who you would like to delegate your voting power to then click delegate and confirm the transaction in Metamask.
You can always choose to delegate to a new address by updating or removing the delegate address. You can also unstake and you will automatically undelegate.