Sweep Fees

What is Sweep Fees?

Calling the sweep fees function will sweep any accumulated rewards generated from trading fees and distribute the fees to OOKI token stakers.

How to call sweep fees

There are no restrictions on minimum fee accrual as well as incentive for calling on Ethereum. Here are the list of contracts which can be used to call sweep fees:
BSC sweep fees: 0xC9726942C732fa048dC56f0DeBea7fB2c596bA8C
Polygon sweep fees: 0x8c02eDeE0c759df83e31861d11E6918Dd93427d2
Arbitrum sweep fees: 0xcbDE8C5603D4bA855a162A450B1d054A02D8448f
Ethereum receiver/converter: 0xcbDE8C5603D4bA855a162A450B1d054A02D8448f
Ethereum sweep fees: 0xfFB328AD3b727830F9482845A4737AfDDDe85554
The process for calling the function remains the same: Call sweepFees() or sweepFeesByAsset(address[]).
In order to call the function there is a minimum amount of fees that must be reached. The minimum amount is the following: BSC and Arbitrum $1, Polygon $1,428, and Ethereum $0